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Our aim is to promote and encourage the study
and preservation of family history.

About Us

The SHOALHAVEN FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY INC. was formed in 1985 to promote and encourage the study and preservation of family history, genealogy and allied subjects.
Shoalhaven Familiy History Society at Pyree.

We are a dynamic and friendly society, able to offer members the use of an extensive collection of genealogical resource material, local, Australia wide and overseas, as well as a fund of skill and expertise.

Members exchange information with each other. Those with special skills share their knowledge at workshops and panel discussions such as using computers for family history and in educational seminars in various aspects of family history research.

If the many family history programs on television have raised your interest in finding out who you actually think you are, then the Shoalhaven Family History Society is the perfect place to start your investigation!

The Society offers a friendly and supportive environment to help start you off on your genealogical hunt. Providing access to a wealth of material and resources from not only locally but from around Australia and around the Globe.

We are an excellent source of information and support, so come along to one of our open days or general meetings and ask how you can start your genealogical journey.

The Society has a Privacy Policy which governs the way we store and use information.

Our Meetings

The Society’s meetings are held at our Research Centre, 888 Greenwell Point Rd Pyree.

Our meetings welcome visitors and they are held on the first Saturday of the month (except January) commencing at 1.30pm.


At our Reasearch Centre, we have well over 3500 items in Printed Material, Microfiche, CD-ROM and Microfilm forms. The numerous facilities are available free to members and non-members may use the research facilities at a cost of $10 per session with the assistance of the volunteers on duty. See here for  more details and Opening Times.

We now offer two kinds of research services:

  1. We offer a research service for those who are unable to visit our library. 
  2. The most common research is one dealing with a specific family or problem or the compilation of a Family Tree. Particularly for those who would like to know their ancestors but are unable to do this themselves. Full details on Research Facilities can be found here.

Shoalhaven Family History Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for that special gift for a loved one? Why not give a years membership to the SFHS to a family member and then they can do your family history with you or for you. This is a gift which will last all year round.

Contact the Shoalhaven Family History Society to obtain your certificate for the applicable membership category. (Membership fees are listed on our website.).

Gift card for SFHSInc

We Are Here to Help

Whether you’re curious about family history, joining our Society or just need guidance, we’re here to answer any questions.

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